Key dates!

1946: Dr. Hotz creates miraculous beauty formulas and actually enjoys a privileged clientele in his Paris institute du Faubourg St Honoré
1966: Mr Mas bought the Sothys Institute and gives new impetus to the company.
1971: Sothys products are made Meyssac Corrèze.
1974: Sothys launches moisturizing formula with Collagen! This revolutionary formula attracted many clients and beauticians.
1981: Creation of a subsidiary in the United States.
1985: Sothys Paris Institute moved from 163 to 128 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.
1986: Creation of a subsidiary in Singapore.
1989: Creation of the new centre and Sothys Search Development.
2001: Sothys launches its prestige range: Secret de Sothys®. Excellence Program sensory body anti-aging face ...
2005: Les Jardins Sothys open their doors.
2008: Frederick and Christian Mas, son of Bernard Mas, take over the destiny of Sothys.
2011: The brand Sothys Paris celebrates 65 years of beauty!


15 . FEBRUARY . 2018

A formula with a concentration of anti-ageing stabilized vitamin C, oxygen-like nasturtium plant extract, and active ingredients to brighten and restore skin well-being. When applied using the exclusive Sothys relaxing application technique, this mask is the first step towards letting go, and its fragrance promotes sleep.
Upon wakening, the skin is visibly replenished and rested. The skin’s youth appears revived:

- 95% of users are satisfied with the immediate smoothing effect*
- 100% of users appreciate the smoothing effect in the morning.**

Discover the Sothys relaxing application technique:

* Self-evaluation carried out on 21 people. Result taken after leaving the mask to work for 10 minutes on first use. ** Self-evaluation carried out on 21 people.

14 . FEBRUARY . 2018

A new botanical chic make-up collection Les Jardins Sothys ™ inspired by the eponymous gardens of the brand, protected and luxuriant place that burst with radiant floral colours:

• 1 Eye quartet palette, dress up your eyes with the irresistible new Ombre Sothys shade and easily create the most simple and sophisticated make-up.
• 1 Calligraphy eyeliner, with an intense dark-brown colour for stylized eyes
• 1 Bronzing powder, your new must-have for summer! A single powder with two complementary shades: 1 warm shade for the bronzing powder and 1 apricot tint for a radiance boost with the blush!
• 1 Rouge intense Sothys & 1 Rouge mat Sothys, you’ll love these two new lipstick shades that will allow you to achieve bold and sophisticated make-up!
• 1 Vernis Sothys to add the finale touch to your look with an intense and luminous colour.

Warm tones combined with strong and floral colours to discover in your Sothys institute.

08 . FEBRUARY . 2018

Discover the Detox resurfacing overnight cream.

Night after night, this concentration of technology with a pleasant fragrance acts deep inside the skin to help it erase the visible signs of daytime damage caused by the environment.
The skin is smoother as you sleep, and in the morning, appears uncreased and luminous. Wrinkles are smoothed, signs of fatigue seem to be reduced. Youthful radiance appears revived:

- 90% of users are satisfied with the smoothing and resurfacing effects of the product.*
- 90% of users, their skin is more toned and their complexion brighter. This cream is the equivalent of 8 hours sleep for the face! **

- Smoothing of the features***:
+24% after 15 days
+45% after 30 days

Rendezvous in your nearest Sothys institute to discover the new nO2ctuelle ™ night line!

* Self-evaluation carried out on 21 people.
**Self-evaluation carried out on 21 people after 30 days of use.
*** Scoring on 21 people.